Who Actually Needs Exogenous Ketones?


😬 Exogenous Ketones, Who Actually Needs Them? (NOT Who You Think)

If you’ve been looking into keto and all the health benefits it can give, you’ve probably had someone try to sell you exogenous ketones. So the question arises, “Who actually needs exogenous ketones anyway?” Good question. There are a few people who might benefit, but probably not you.

Having ketones in your urine our blood stream is Not the goal of a ketogenic diet. The goal is to actually be In Ketosis. These are 2 very different things. Let this video help you understand the difference, and make the correct choices for your health and for your wallet.

The ketogenic way of eating is easy and sustainable once you figure it out, but I don’t want you to be parted with your money as you learn. Keep reading and watching and thinking, and don’t spend your money on products you don’t need!

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