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The People Behind Keto.Tips

Melvin Chia

Founder, Keto.Tips
Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis Health Coach

Melvin Chia is a technology enthusiast who adopted the ketogenic lifestyle when found his weight increasing at a steady state even after trying various diets and exercises. Exercising was difficult partly because of his weight and activity level, and he gave up multiple times.

In July 2018, he heard about the ketogenic lifestyle, which attracted him as it was said to be a “diet where you eat mookata and bacon and still lose weight.”

After doing some extensive research on it, he decided to adopt the ketogenic lifestyle at the beginning of August 2018, and started losing weight progressively as his body adapted to the new lifestyle, gaining additional energy which encouraged him to start going on long walks, climbing stairs, and swimming.

He’s now a much lighter and happier person with more energy to enjoy outdoor activities with his wife and 2 daughters. He looks forward to enjoying a healthier life on the ketogenic lifestyle.

Baseline (August 2018)Latest (Current – 2020)
*Weight: 121.4kg
*BMI (Asian): 39.2
*Body Fat: 38.5%
*Visceral Fat: 17/20

Pants Size: USA/42″
*Weight: 60.7kg (-60.7kg)
*BMI (Asian): 20.0 (-19.2)
*Body Fat: 14.0% (-24.5%)
*Visceral Fat: 7/20 (-10)

Pants Size: USA/28″ (-14″)

* Indicates readings taken with a Xiaomi Body Composition scale

Monthly average weight from August 2018 to April 2020

Average monthly weight from daily readings taken between August 2018 to April 2020

Melvin Chia is a certified Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis Health Coach, and has also taken courses in Weight Loss and Nutrition to further his knowledge in the domain. You can contact him using the Contact Us button in the bottom-right corner of this site, or through our various Online Chatgroups.