What Humans Evolved To Eat & What Happens When You Stray From That


Today Dr. Mike Eades joins me for a really great and comprehensive interview. I’ve been following his work for many years and always enjoy his presentations that can be found on YouTube. We got to hang out all weekend in Denver a little ways back and I got to see another of his amazing presentations live talking about what humans evolved to eat and what happened as we strayed away from that diet. It’s shocking stuff and sure to ruffle the feathers of every single mainstream doctor, dietitian, and nutritionist around. We go over this and much of his other work in this interesting episode.

Dr. Michael Eades is a physician who has over 30 years of experience in bariatric, nutritional, and metabolic medicine. He is also the co-author (with his wife Dr. Mary Dan Eades) of 14 books in the fields of health, nutrition, and exercise over the last several decades––among them the New York Times best seller Protein Power and The Protein Power LifePlan which laid out one of the first nutritional concepts of the paleo lifestyle.


  • [5:05] Some noted evidence of meat eating since the dawn of man until now from Dr. Eades.
  • [13:30] Our brains are our weapon.
  • [20:20] Hunter gatherers’ health vs agriculturists.
  • [26:05] How the Egyptians’ wheat based diet destroyed their health.
  • [40:20] Eades’ take on the history of obesity in the US.
  • [49:35] How PUFAs play a role in the obesity crisis.
  • [55:30] How PUFAs affect the Reverse Electron Transport. Watch this presentation for a deeper dive with graphics to help
  • [58:10] The role incretins play in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Watch this presentation if you want to dive deeper and see the graphics that go along with it.
  • [1:11:30] Why he advocates alternate day fasting.
  • [1:12:55] His experimentation with a continuous glucose monitor.

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