Will Consuming Exogenous Ketones Speed Up Ketosis?

Consuming exogenous ketones will NOT speed up your ketosis. It may put you in ketosis, but it doesn’t do the following:

  1. Your body needs to quit carb-glucose-addiction
  2. Your body needs to learn to metabolise more stored fat to the liver
  3. Your liver needs to learn to turn the fat into ketones
  4. Your body needs to learn to prefer ketones over glucose for energy

Consuming exogenous ketones may put you in a state of ketosis (measured blood ketones is high), but it will only last 2h before the body purges the ketones.

Even if you can afford to consume exogenous ketones over a long term, it’s likely you will be practising dirty/lazy keto and still consuming carbs. When you stop consuming the exogenous ketones, everything will bounce back.

You may want to watch this video for a more detailed explanation: What’s The Deal With Exogenous Ketones?

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